Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Electrification of Great Western Main Line

Dear Villagers
The proposal to electrify the Great Western Main Line is likely to have quite an effect on Bourton.  There is no necessity to seek planning permission but an Environmental Statement has had to be prepared and lodged with the Vale of White Horse District Council.  This can be viewed on the Vale's website under planning reference P13/V1380/ES.  If you would like me to send you the document, I am very happy to do so.
The railway bridge by the Fat Dog is being demolished and reconstructed from January 2014 for 4 months.  During this time the traffic will be re-routed via Bourton.
The Grade II listed railway bridge on the bridleway past John Bean's house towards the canal is being retained and the track lowered under the bridge and 150m on either side.  The proposal is to carry out this work on 25 and 26 December 2013.
Unfortunately the Grade II listed railway bridge by Grange Farm is recommended to be demolished and reconstructed (although the Vale's Conservation Officer and English Heritage are being consulted).  This work is due to take place in August 2014 and will last for 4 months.  Traffic will be diverted via the railway bridge at the Fat Dog.
The Parish Council has written to the Vale's Conservation Officer to see if a case can be made for lowering the track at this location rather than demolishing the bridge.  We will keep the village updated as we hear any further news.
Maggie Brown
Clerk to Bourton Parish Council

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