Wednesday, 4 December 2013

News from Maggie Brown, Parish Clerk .....

John Bean and I attended the meeting at Shrivenham last Thursday evening to update residents on the electrification of the main line.
It has been agreed that Bourton can keep both Grade II listed bridges and the track will be lowered instead (ie the one at Lower Bourton and the one leading up to the canal from John Bean's house).  The Fat Dog bridge is going to be replaced with a bridge slightly to the West of the current location which will straighten out the road a bit and provide a footway.  (Oxfordshire County Council have agreed to fund the extra expense of providing the footway.)  The replacement bridge can be built alongside the existing bridge which means that the road will not be closed for as long as originally expected.  The work will start in the summer of 2014 and be complete by the end of October 2014 and we will be told in the Spring exactly when it will be closed and have confirmation of the diversion route.  However, this is likely to be via Bourton of course and therefore we are now trying to get Oxfordshire County Council to repair the road edges at Lower Bourton so that the road is in a fit state to receive this extra traffice (which is currently not the case).
Regarding the planning application for 2380 houses at South Marston and Rowborough, Swindon Borough Council have granted a deadline until 13 December for comments.  The Western Vale Villages Steering Committee are meeting on Friday evening to decide on a response.  The Vale of White Horse District Council will be responding as will Oxfordshire County Council.  I will circulate the Parish Council's response as soon as it is drafted in case you wish to respond.
Kind regards.
Maggie Brown
Clerk to Bourton Parish Council

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